Beaches In Kissamos

Beaches In Kissamos

Kissamos Beaches

Across the area of Kissamos, a lot of beaches are covering several kilometers and vary in natural beauty. Because there are long beaches with white sand and turquoise waters and small coves with pebbles among the rocks, most of them are organized and provide umbrellas with deck chairs, showers, toilets and canteens or beachside cafes.  But there are several beaches unorganized and less worldly but also very nice.


Balos beach  (or lagoon) is one of the most special beaches of Kissamos with outstanding natural beauty. The shallow turquoise waters and the white/pink sand make the place so unique.  Access to this beach is made daily by boat from the port of Kissamos which passes from the island of Gramvousa and the journey takes about an hour. Alternatively visitors can go there cycling, (about 30 minutes) through a path from the village Kaliviani.

Gramvousa beach Kissamos in Chania Crete
Balos beach (lagoon) in Kissamos Chania Crete


One of the most famous beaches of Crete. The exotic beach of Elafonisi with the red-gold sand and crystal blue waters is the first destination for visitors from all over Crete. The beach Elafonisi is organized and has a canteen for snacks and coffee.

Elafonisi Beach blue waters in Kissamos, Chania, Crete
Elafonisi beach in Kissamos Chania Crete


The beach of Falassarna seems like one of the most famous beach in Crete. Those who visited this beach, loved it and promised to visit it again. It is 15 km. west of the town of Kissamos, is organized and spread over a vast area. For practical reasons, they have parted with names to smaller beaches like thick sand, long beach etc. The very special in Falassarna is the crystal clear blue water and the thick sand is white all along the beach.

Falassarna Beach sands in Kissamos, Chania, Crete
Falassarna beach in Kissamos Chania Crete

Other Beaches

Mavros Molos

It is the central beach of Kissamos town, organized, sandy with relatively shallow waters. Along there are several seaside cafes and restaurants as a result of the many hotels oh the area.

Mavro molos Kissamos Chania, Crete
Mavro molos Beach in Kissamos Chania Crete


The beach Viglia few kilometers west from the town of Kissamos, is spread over a fairly large area has pebbles and crystal clear water. Although the beach is not organized has a lot of fanatic visitors.


The Korfalona beach spreads to a large extent east of Kissamos town, has pebbles and is not organized beyond some taverns which are coastal.


Finally the beach of Drapanias like the two previous stretches in a very large area and is sandy, organized and also there are some cafes and restaurants.

Not organized Beaches


A few kilometers from the city center of Kissamos, Damialis beach is a small cove with pebbles between rocks deep with crystal clear waters. This beach has taken its name from the chapel of Saint John Damialis located there also is a very special option since to reach someone there must pass away from a small tunnel from the church yard.


This beach beneath the pedestrian who is about the most mundane point in Kissamos town mainly during the summer season. This beach is pebbly and despite its location is not organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.


The beach is located in Sfinari village and it is pebbly and unorganized but it is famous for the wild beauty of the sunset.


It is an unorganized beach a few kilometers from the city center of Kissamos. It has very large area, it is sandy and the access to it is not very easy because only a dirt  road  leads there .


The Nopigia beach is a continuation of the Korfalona beach except  that the beach here is sandy and in some places are organized.

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