Kissamos Info

Kissamos Info

How to reach us from Chania airport:

The route from Chania airport is 50km. Heading due west to Kissamos via highway E-75/65 Chania-Kissamos you reach Kissamos. If you need more info about contact us.

How to reach us from Souda port:

The route from Souda port is 45km. Heading due west to Kissamos via highway E-75/65 Chania-Kissamos you reach Kissamos.

How to reach us from Iraklion airport:

The route from Iraklion airport is 185km. Heading due west to Chania via highway 90E-75/65 Chania-Kissamos you reach Kissamos.

While entering Kissamos, go ahead for 1km and you will reach Alpha Bank (on your left) and National Bank (on your right),  you are on Eleftherios Venizelos Square. You will reach us at 30m straight at your left hand (next to the kiosk).


Calling code  for  Greece 0030

Police28220 22115
Health Center28223 40100
Fire Brigade28220 24334
Harbor Authorities28220 22024
Town Hall28223 40200
Bus Station28220 22035
Radio Taxi Service28220 24024
Electricity Company of Kissamos28220 22095
Telephone Company of Kissamos28220 22310
Post Office Agency28220 22052
Archaeological Museum28220 83308
European NumberEmergency Numbers      112

If driving

The road network in the prefecture of Chania is good but the drivers are required to be cautious. The distances are short, yet the roads are mostly hazardous and have a lot of curves; therefore, driving is more difficult.

In Greece, driving is done on the right lane of the road therefore, the steering wheel and the driver’s seat are on the left side of the vehicle. The same traffic regulations are applied to Greece as in the USA and Europe. While driving, you have to abide by the right of way, whereas it is forbidden to overtake a vehicle through the right side for safety reasons. On a highway with 2 lanes at least, always drive on the inside lane letting the outside lane for those who drive at high speed.

All routes are measured in kilometers. Let the right of way for those coming on your right. The speed limit in main roads is about 80-90 kmper hour (48-55 milesper hour). In villages and all residential areas the speed limit is 50km per hour (30 milesper hour). Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts. Do not consume alcohol when driving. The laws for drinking and driving are very strict.

Motorcyclists and bicycle riders are obliged to always wear helmets. Rear lights and headlights are essential on bicycles at night. On motorcycles the headlight is obligatory during day and night.

It is essential you have an International Driving License, which has a cover written in all European languages. You can be provided with one by approved travel co-operations. It is valid in most countries worldwide and it has to be accompanied by your of-validity driving license.

DISTANCES FROM BALOS TRAVEL (or from the Eleftherios Venizelos Square):

Port4 km5 min
Kaliviani5 km10 min
Balos14 km60 min
Platanos10 km15 min
Sfinari16 km30 min
Falasarna15 km25 min
Nopigia5 km5 min
Kolymvari12 km10 min
Platanias25 km30 min
Chrissoskalitissa37 km50 min
Elafonisi42 km60 min
Palaiochora55 km1h 10 min
-Center35 km35 min
-Port45 km45 min
-Airport50 km55 min
-Center92 km1h 20 min
-Port95 km1h 30 min
-Center180 km2h 20 min
-Port182 km2h 30 min
-Airport185 km2h 40 min
 Agios Nikolaos
-Center246 km3h 25 min


If you need a taxi in Kissamos, it will not be much of a trouble to find one either you are on Eleftherios Venizelos Square or Janakaki Square. Or you may also call Radio Taxi Service at tel. 28220 24024.

Bus Station

The bus station is in the center of Kissamos (Janakaki Square) and offers quick and cheap bus routes to contiguous villages and towns. The bus station lies 50m from our office. For more information about bus routes and fare call our office or tel. 28220 22035.

Site : http://bus-service-crete-ktel.com/default.html


The port (Kavonisiou) Kissamos is the westernmost port of Crete. Distance from Kissamos 3 km / 5 minutes.

Ferry to Antikythira, Kythira, Peloponnese and Piraeus (Tickets from Balos Travel)

Transportation: bus, taxi

Port Authority: 28220 22024


Within the European Union you are not obliged to carry your passport provided you already have the European identity card. Only the citizens of the United Kingdom have to carry their passport.

For non-EU citizens: If you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Israel or certain countries of South America, you only need your valid passport to visit Greece for 90 days or less without a visa.

In the event that you are a citizen from a developing country, you are allowed to visit Greece for 60 days or less without a visa. For a visa extension you need to submit an application and a certain amount of money to the authorities.

What to wear

The weather in Greece is mild all year round, making it the idyllic place for holiday at any time of the year. Naturally, each region has its own climate according to its geographical features and location.

The climate in Kissamos is a temperate Mediterranean climate and is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. In summer you should wear light clothing (cotton clothes are preferable), a jacket at cool night hours, as well as a hat and sunglasses are necessary when touring or you are on the beach. In spring and autumn it is advisable to bring warmer clothes, such as jackets, long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Since it is quite sunny in spring and autumn, we recommend you have a hat and sunglasses. If you come in winter, it is essential to bring warm clothes, an anorak and appropriate footwear. In the event you visit mountainous areas and winter resorts, we recommend you have a woolen scarf, gloves and a woolly hat.

If you prefer to avoid mass tourism, it is preferable to come from April to June or from September to October when the weather is more pleasant and the visitors are fewer. However, if you like crowded streets and beaches, July and August are the best months when the area is lively and full of people from all over Greece and abroad.

The weather in Kissamos



As a member of the European Union, the currency in Greece is the euro (EUR). Euro (EUR) is available in notes of 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros, as well as in coins of 2, 1 euro and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 cents. You can convert exchange at several places in Greece, in every bank, at the post office agency, as well as at certain hotels. There are also money exchange kiosks in airports, ports and train stations. If you own a credit card that can be used as an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) card, you may withdraw money from the ATM of a bank.

International Exchange:



Cooperative Bank of Chania “Synetairistiki”(Iroon Polytechniou  76, Kissamos) tel : 28220 83010

National Bank of Greece “Ethniki”  (Eleftherios Venizelos Square, Kissamos) tel : 28220 26001

ALPHA  BANK (Iroon Polytechniou, Kissamos) tel : 28220 83300

PIRAEUS  BANK (Heroes & Vardantoni University, Kissamos) tel : 28220 83450

Telephone booths

There are public telephone booths all around the center of the town, as well as at the port and in most of the villages. Those are mainly prepaid telephone card devices. You may obtain prepaid telephone cards from kiosks, convenience stores, super markets, the post office and the Greek national telephone company.

Post Office Agency

In Greece the postal code is of 5 digits and unique to every region. In Kissamos the postal code is 73 400.

The post office agency offers:

Mailing letters of A&B priority, sending money inside and outside the country, paying home bills, purchasing a prepaid telephone card, purchasing safes & envelopes, fast courier service, mailing packages, renting a private mailbox, exchanging money

The Post Office Agency of Kissamos is situated at:

Street Iroon Polytechniou 120, Kissamos, 73400, Chania

National Holidays:

  • March 25th (Annunciation and remembrance of the revolt of 1821 against the Turks)
  • October 28th (Commemorates the “No” (Oxi) of the Greek government to the capitulation ultimatum of Mussolini in 1940)

Other Holidays:

  • May Day 1st   of May (Labor Day)

Important Religious Holidays and Festivals

  • January 1st (St. Basil’s Day-New Year’s Day)
  • January 6th (Epiphany, Baptism of Christ)
  • Ash Monday/Clean Monday (varies from year to year-the Monday of the seventh week before Easter Sunday)
  • Easter Sunday (varies from year to year – the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Vernal Equinox)
  • Easter Monday (the day after Easter Sunday)
  • Ascension (varies from year to year -40 days after Easter Sunday)
  • Pentecost (varies from year to year -50 Days after Easter)
  • August 15th (Dormition of the Theotokos)
  • December 25th (Christmas)
  • December 26th (Boxing Day)

Local Religious Holidays and Saints

  • St. Spyridon, December 12th, Kissamos (Local Holiday- cathedral of Kissamos)
  • St. ninety-nine Fathers, October 7th, Azogyres of Selinos (a cave where the Saints’ holy bones are kept)
  • St. Ioannis the Hermit, October 7th, Marathokefala of Spilia Kissamos
  • Blessed Ioannis, September 20th, Falassarna of Kissamos (where the Saint’s tomb lies) and Tsourouniana of Kissamos (where the Saint’s holy skull is kept)
  • Decapitation of St Ioannis the Baptist, August 29th, Giona of Rodopos, Kissamos
  • St Eftichios, August 24th, Tsiskiana of Selinos
  • St Fotios and Akinitis, August 12th, Falassarna Kissamos
  • St four Martyrs Emmanuel, Georgios, Anezina and Maria, July 14th, Melissourgio Kissamos
  • St Theodoros, June 8th, Seliniotiko Gyro Omalos
  • St Holy Martyr Melchisedek, Bishop of Kissamos, May 19th, Bishopric of Kissamos

Kissamos Health Center

The Health Center of Kissamos is situated in the center of Kissamos in Omogenon Amerikis Street and is under the direction of the General Hospital of Chania Agios Georgios (41 kilometerswith average access time of 30 minutes). The Health Center of Kissamos offers primary health care to the local population.

There are several medical departments of primary health care in the Health Center of Kissamos.

(General Practitioner-Pathologist, Dental Practitioner, Pediatrician)

A number of other specialties within the medical profession offer supportive work in the Health Center of Kissamos. More specifically, the Health Center has: Social Worker, Obstetrician, Orderlies, Nurses, Radiologist/Radiographer, Physiotherapist

Tel: 2822340100


It is advisable for you to have with you the doctor’s prescription written in your name and confirming the necessity of the medicine for your health condition. If possible, the prescription is advisable to be translated at the Greek embassy or consulate of your country. You should always carry the doctor’s prescription in case you need to purchase the same medicine in Greece. It is not allowed to bring in the country any medicine consisting codeine, contained in most pain alleviating medicine. Greece has plenty of pain alleviating medicine which you can purchase at pharmacies.

Pharmacies in Kissamos

– John  Farangitakis  (Omogenon Amerikis (Expatriate  amerikanischen),  Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 22742

– Katakis  Pantelis  (Omogenon Amerikis (Expatriate  amerikanischen),  Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 22451

– John  Revelakis  (Omogenon Amerikis (Expatriate  amerikanischen), Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 24080

– John  Mazokopakis  (Skalidis, Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 22182

– Papadogiannis  Nikolaos (St.  Anthony, Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 23230

– Antony  Stathopoulos  (Platanos, Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 41190

– Roustom  Alexander (Kaloudiana,  Kissamos, Chania  73 400), Tel.  28220 31390

– Rizos Konstantinos (Elos, Kissamos, Chania 73 400), Tel. 28220 61040


You will find easy and quick access to the internet in almost every district of Kissamos. Most hotels have this service in the hotel rooms, as well as in the hotel lobby. There are also plenty of internet cafés (Eleftherios Venizelos Square & Janakaki Square) and cafés where you will have internet access.

Kissamos Journal

Independent Weekly Journal “ΝΕΟΙ ΟΡΙΖΟΝΤΕΣ” (“New Horizons), Central Office: Kissamos of Chania. Tel.: 2822023615 Tel/Fax: 2821088066

“Νέοι Ορίζοντες” journal was first distributed in the county of Kissamos in 1992.

As time passed, “Νέοι Ορίζοντες” journal has achieved to have its own readers not only in the entire county of Kissamos, but also in the rest prefecture of Chania.

“Νέοι Ορίζοντες” journal distributes about 3,000 papers nowadays and it is the second in popularity newspaper in the prefecture of Chania. It is published every Wednesday.


Radio station in Kissamos

Manager of Radio Rizites: Evaggelos Hatzikokolakis Tel/Fax:2822024320

Radio Rizites station has been broadcasting traditional Cretan music at 92,4 FM since 1993.

Radio Rizites promotes the genuine traditional Cretan music while through its website, besides the Cretan music you may listen to 24 hours a day, you may also find mantinades (short Cretan poems and lyrics), photographs and you will find out information about many local artists.

Site : http://www.radiorizites.gr/index.html

Cultural Association of Kissamos

Cultural Club “Youth of Kissamos»

Club-Promotion Kissamos “Gramvousa”

Cultural Association Lousakies

Local Educational Association Gramvousa “Die Gramvousiakos”

Hotel Association

Philologische Association of Kissamos

Association of Women Platanos

Association of Women Kissamos

Club Riziton of Kissamos “Kissamos”

Cultural Club Pirgos

Association of Women Pirgos

Cretan Cultural Association “kretischen Muse”

New Commercial Association of Kissamos

Gas station

Mavrodimitraki  Maria  – Kissamos,  Tel.  2822023514

Rodousakis  Emmanuel  – Kissamos,  Tel.  2822022028

Maris Anthonios     – Kissamos,  Tel.  2822022025

Ch.Kontopyrakis–V.Mpariotakis  OE  – Kissamos,  Tel.  2822022997

Taktikakis  Michael –  Gramvousa, Tel.  2822024147

Sofoulaki Bros –  Gramvousa, Tel.  2822022550

Nikolakakis Minas  –  Platanos, Tel.  2822041374

Annousakis Stavros  –  Platanos, Tel.  2822041044

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