September tours

September tours

September tours

A visit in Crete on September is definitely the best choice. All of the September tours are available without so much crowd like the previous 2 months. The weather conditions this time of year are warm but without heatwaves and high temperatures.

The tours with buses to Elafonisi beach, Samaria Gorge and Knossos Palace take place every day while the same applies for Gramvoussa and Balos but with reduced itineraries.

At this period hiking and cycling tours take place with guide or without, simply with our instructions. The renting of a bicycle costs only 9 euro for all day and you are given the chance to venture the mountainous or coastal countryside of Kissamos. If your rental is for more days, there is a discount in the price and therefore more advantageous.

Apart from the tours, this time of year offers the visitor multiple activities which relate with nature, dance and music or gastronomy (eg Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons). On September you can easily attend the traditional ‘’grape stomping’’ and enjoy the traditional wine making as well as the Cretan hospitality.

September and October usually have pleasant weather accompanied with short and small rains, we hope for this year too for the usual temperatures.

Have a nice staying and good ventures.

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