Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive Oil

 The most important dietary element is olive oil, which for Cretans as well as for all the people of the Mediterranean constitutes the basic source of fat. Especially in Crete, 120 gr of olive oil is consumed daily whereas in every other part of the world no more than 30 gr is consumed on a daily basis.

Olive oil is basic for the nutrition in Crete and more particularly, in the area of Kissamos. It is used in most dishes, substituting butter or other types of edible oil that are used in other parts of the world. The nutritional value is enormous given the fact that it constitutes the most powerful natural anti-oxidant, which protects the human body from oxidation and the development of free radicals which cause serious diseases.

The Mediterranean climate and the good constitution of soil in Crete allows olive trees not only to grow everywhere, on plains as well as mountainous areas, and to produce the best possible quality of olive oil, with low acidity and fabulous aroma. The fact that Cretans live longer and have the lowest rate of diseases seems to be directly linked to the fact that they are also the largest consumers of olive oil on a world scale.

After the winter rains (March-April) and when we have a few days with lots of sun the olive trees bloom. After several weeks appears the wrist which is ready for harvest end of October. This wrist provides us the famous olive oil.

Tour to the Farm - Olive tree
Our Father speaking for olive trees !!!

Olive tree Kissamos Chania Crete

Visit our olive groves where you can learn about production and many interesting information about olive trees, olive oil and mediterranean cooking.

In our Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons and tour to the farm you will have the opportunity to enjoy Cretan hospitality, combined with tasting and cooking, in Kissamos, Chania, Crete.

“…Olive oil, compared to edible seed oil, is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids which are resistant to oxidation and reduce LDL cholesterol whithout affecting HDL cholesterol, which protects fron atherosclerosis… Olive oil is also rich in anti-oxidant substances such as tocopheroles and hydroxyphenoles, which protect not only fron atherosclerosis but also from various forms of cancer by blocking free toxic radicals. It is worth mentioning that the constitution of olive oil in fatty acids is similar to the one of maternal milk…”  Antonis Kafatos, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition, University of Crete.

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