Kissamos Mores & Customes

Kissamos Mores & Customes

Kissamos Mores & Customes

The topography and the products affect the diet, mores, customs and idiosyncrasy of the people. The period of olive harvest, wine harvest and distillation characterizes and regulates the lives of people and shapes their habits.

Kissamos diet is dependent on local production, local flora ,with the famous pharmaceutical and nutritional value and the Christian upbringing. The kitchen of Kissamos is rich in variety and content, both in foods and sweets. The olive oil in the first place, legumes, vegetables and herbs of the area. Dairy products, fresh fish, free range meat (from sheep and goats, chickens, rabbits) , the pastry, the local pasta and sweets create unique flavors.

Visitors in Crete must definitely taste local cuisine. They will discover that it is light, delicious and even more interesting and fascinating than typical Greek cuisine. (Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons – Tour to the farm)

Kissamos mores & customes of the residents have strong roots in tradition, which are expressed through lifestyle, cultural and religious events. Syrtos dance,  rizitika songs and mantinades, violin and lute move, not only the elderly, but also young people, who continue the tradition by creating new artistic groups which attend  the events of the area. The religious and cultural events that take place throughout the year still maintain the habits of the old festivals with treats from the local people  (sardines, beans, olives, cheese, boiled meat, fried fish, etc.) to all attendees and Cretan music and dance are often part of the festivals.

Of the many traditions and customs, that are kept by the cretan people from the  ancient times ,the uppermost  custom stands out, the Cretan wedding. The father, who is the head of the family, is responsible for the approval of the marriage and the couple intended to be spouses must follow his advice. In mid-August at Kissamos will held the representation of Cretan wedding . Our office will organise a tour for you to join. The excursion program will come out in April.

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