Kissamos – Kasteli

Kissamos – Kasteli

Kissamos – Kasteli

Kissamos or Kasteli is a small town in Western Crete, at the northwestern edge of the island. Kissamos, which many still refer to it with its old name Kasteli is located in the middle of the gulf of Kissamos, 43km from Chania.

Kissamos at first look seems to be a town with only a few fascinating things to do, however the reality is totally different. Don’t forget that at the west shore of Crete there are some of the most popular sights of the island, such as Elafonisi, Falassarna, Balos and Gramvoussa.

Kasteli is a small town of 2000 population, with services, banks, post, many shops, cafes and taverns, a small fishing port and a big port.

It’s a bustling place that can easily cover the needs of a visiting tourist.

Arriving in Kissamos you see the big grey sand which spreads towards the town and the rocky shore to the west.

At the western part there is the main road, Iroon Polytechneiou street, full of stores and super markets (our office is located in this street at the number 131 – Balos Travel website). However the heart of the city during the summer months – or during the whole year when the weather is fine – beats at the coastal road close to Tzanakaki square which is for pedestrians at its biggest part and cars are prohibited. It allows the visitors and citizens to enjoy a walk near the sea.

The region of Kissamos is quite fertile, rich in the production of olive oil, grape, wine and raki as well. Since its first historical years, the town played an important role as the capital of the area and financial center of the province of Kissamos and county of Chania.

The port here is located outside of the town and is also a link of Crete with Peloponnesus and Piraeus, connecting the county of Chania with Kithira, Gythio and Kalamata.

Also the ships which make the daily cruise to the island of Gramvousa and the Balos lagoon depart from this point.


How to get to Kissamos

From Chania to Kissamos. If you are in Chania you can take the national road leading west to Kissamos and you will reach the town after 45 km. The road is fine and after 30 minutes you will reach your destination.

From the airport of Chania. Follow the road from Souda in order to get to the highway and keep driving west. The same for those who want to travel from the port of Souda to Kasteli.

Taking the bus from Chania. Access to Kasteli is also attainable with the public buses ΚΤΕL from Chania, with connection every one hour during the summer months and frequent timetables the rest of the year.

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