Kissamos beaches

Kissamos beaches

During your stay in Kissamos you have many options in beaches. Except Balos, Elafonisi, Falasarna you can find smaller beaches but also beautiful.

Mavro Molos

It is the main beach area of Kissamos located in the front of the coastal road and was the harbor of the town in ancient times. It attracts a lot of people and has a lot of hotels, beach bar with sun beds, umbrellas and taverns, while at the coastal road you will find nice shops for souvenirs. It is suitable for every visitor since it is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

Mavro Molos shore is a meeting point and an attraction for locals.


The beach of Telonio is a part of a vast beach starting from Kissamos and ending at Nopigia, covering a distance of about a kilometer. It has pebbles and sand, crystal clear waters and it is located next to the pedestrian precinct of Kissamos with cafés, taverns, snack bars and night clubs. It is the best choice for those who prefer the amenities that the nearby shops offer and at the same time would like to avoid the crowds.


Besides the beach ending at Nopigia, there is a second one starting 1 km east from Kissamos, reaching the peninsula of Rodopos. It is mainly sandy with a small number of pebbles and low tourist infrastructure. It has clear, rather shallow waters and due to its great stretch, it offers comfort and serenity providing, at the same time, the necessary amenities with small taverns and souvenir shops which are everywhere alongside the beach.  


This beach was named after the nearby village of Korfalona. It is a beautiful beach located 2 km east of Kissamos, perfectly combining sand and pebbles, crystal clear deep waters and perfect tourist infrastructure. There are showers, umbrellas and sun beds, while in a short distance there are rooms to let, taverns and cafés. On Korfalona beach you will also find a mobile canteen with everything you will need while bathing.


The beach of Drapania is located 5 km east of Kissamos. It was named after the same-named village lying 1.5 km south of the beach. In fact, it is a part of the large beach area starting from the peninsula of Rodopos, en ding at Kissamos.

In the village of Drapania there are campsites, rooms to let, taverns, bars and cafés, while on the beach there are showers, umbrellas and sun beds. The beach is sandy and the waters are clear and shallow, making it an ideal place for families.


Nopigia is a coastal village located 6 km east of Kissamos. In front of the village lies a large sandy beach with shallow waters extending all the way to Kissamos. Nopigia village is next to the beach and offers umbrellas, restaurants, showers and lodgings to the visitors. It is the best choice for quiet holidays in beautiful surroundings. The landmark of the area is a stone-made theatre located at the end of the coastal road. It was built in 1992 based on the patterns of the ancient theatres and has perfect acoustics.


Only 1.5 km northwest of Kissamos, you find the small but extremely beautiful beach of Damiali. It was named after the same-named church of St Ioannis located there. It is a small cove with beautiful rocks, some trees offering their shadow to the visitors and a small diving board.


4km west of the port of Kissamos, we reach the thorp of Trahila of Gramvoussa. There you find one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. The locals call it “Pahia Ammos” (thick sand). It is not very organized, yet it has sun beds and you may be served by the hotel bar. On the beach of Kissamos, Kissamos Youth (Neolaia Kissamou) organizes a beach party (usually on August 16th) where plenty of people gather from Kissamos and other nearby areas. If you head1 km due west, you find the beach of Vigglia at the end of which the promontory of Gramvoussa and the road to the lagoon of Balos begins.


The beach of Vigglia, 5 km west of the town of Kissamos, lies in a quite large area. It has pebbles, sand and crystal waters. Despite the fact that it is not an organized beach, it attracts a lot of enthusiasts.


The beach of Sfinari is located 16 km west of the town of Kissamos. It has pebbles and it is known for its wild beauty, the great fish taverns and the beautiful sunset.

All these beaches you can visit hiking or cycling from Kissamos city! Ask us for more information.

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