Feasts of Rokka 2017 – Giortes Rokkas

Feasts of Rokka 2017 – Giortes Rokkas

Feasts of Rokka – Giortes Rokkas

Rokka is a semi-mountainous village that belongs to the Municipality of Kissamos. It is located 12 km from Kissamos and 39 from Chania. It’s a small beautiful and hospitable village which after the active effort of the organizational committee and in cooperation with the Co-organizers: Region of Crete, Municipality of Kissamos, Municipality of Platanias, Cultural Association of Kera ‘’Antonnousa’’, Orthodox Academy of Crete and The Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania offer us every year the opportunity of  unique and nostalgic music nights.

Trouli of Rokka Village
Trouli of Rokka Village

Kera is a neighboring village of Rokka. Thus the two villages are considered to share brotherly – links. Since the begging Kera was a staunch supporter and aid in the creation of the Feasts of Rokka. Together with Rokka they offer us the opportunity to watch and hear every year this unique social and cultural activity.

The Feasts of Rokka begun for the first time in the summer of 2013 and ever since with the beautiful background of the full moon attract a lot of people not only Greek but abroad as well.

This year the events will begin from today 24 of July and will be completed on 7 of August.

In more detail:

Monday 24 of July

20:00 Official beginning of Feasts of Rokka, with the participation of local musicians.

Program presentation. Display of local products.

21:30 Music initiation with traditional songs from Georgina Tsontaki and Nick Stamataki.

Music night with Psarantoni and Psarogiorgi. Along with them Yiannis Papatzanis and Yiannis Polychronakis

23:30 At the end of the night the club ‘’Friends of Astronomy of Crete’’ will organize observation of the new moon and the sky with telescopes to the archaeological site of Rokka.

Wednesday 26 of July

19:00 Acts for children. Initiation and registration of children’s art workshops with the coordination of the school counselor Maria Drakaki.

20:30 Choirs of the music school of Chania.

21:30 Summer night’s dream of William Shakespeare from the Theater Company Thesis

Monday 31 of July

20:00 Tour to the archaeological site of Rokka and its picturesque alleys.

21:30 The village sings with the music group ‘’Kath odon’’

Wednesday 2 of August

20:00 Display of local products

21:30 The Theater Team ‘’Idea’’ presents the performance ‘’the tree of Oedipus’’

Saturday 5 of August

9:00 Organized tour in the gorge of Rokka.

21:30 Presentation of sculptures from the participants of the sculptor Aspasia Papadoperaki.

Monday 7 of August

21:00 Concert with the soprano Myrto Papathanasiou and the bass Christoforos Stampogli.

Athenian Concert of Youth coordinated – ASON. Coordinated by Pavlos Stergiou.

For more details visit the official website of “Giortes Rokkas”


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