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Diving enxursions in Kissamos, Chania Crete
Diving enxursions in Kissamos, Chania Crete


Have you ever dreamt of discovering the underwater world? The first step is to learn how to dive professionally, with the support of certified experts. Held in small groups of 2-4 people our scuba diving classes in Kissamos can be completed between 4-6 days, awarding you at the end with an international diving certificate either from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) or from the Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD). Both of these reputable organisations will make you a bona fide diver and open a whole new world of underwater experiences at Kissamos waters. This is a great way to spend your vacation in Chania, learning a new hobby and taking a valuable skill back home with you!

Cost per person: 390 euros


The relatively warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for diving, and there are free diving zones around western Crete (Kissamos Chania) waiting to be explored. If you’re a certified diver with adequate experience, whether you have your own equipment or want to rent it, we’ll take you on a scuba diving tour that will amaze you. Depending on the weather, we might dive of a boat or right from the beach. The tour is open to anywhere between 1-8 people.

Cost per person: anywhere between 40-60 euros, depending on number of participants, rented equipment and diving time.

Exact price by mutual consent


Not yet certified? You still can enjoy the magic of the sea in relatively shallow waters, accompanied by a skilled professional diver. Feel the quiet of the sea, watch the serene sea life, and marvel at sea floor’s landscape. We provide all the equipment you need and give you an introductory lesson for around an hour, before the real diving begins. After the introduction, the diving experience takes up to 40 minutes in a depth of up to six meters (20 feet) and in a safe environment. The tour is open to anywhere between 2-8 people and take place near the town of Kissamos.

Cost per person: 70 euros

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