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Cretan traditional cooking lessons

Traditional Cooking in Kissamos, Chania Crete

Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons

Summer 2021 is here! Cooking lessons and tour to the farm is taking place every Tuesday & Thursday ! BOOK NOW !

Eleni and her mother Chrisoula are ready to help you prepare some fabulously tasty dishes made with hearty Cretan ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, local meats, delectable cheeses, aromatic herbs and a splash of wine. We’ll also be there to reveal interesting information about the herbs of the island, including the therapeutic properties of olive oil and tips about the products we use. At Cretan traditional cooking lessons!

After preparing the main dish and while we wait for it to cook, head out on a guided tour of the farm and our traditional house. You’ll discover our enchanting vegetable garden so you can see all the produce in season and take in the scents of the aromatic and therapeutic herbs. You can also admire our free-range chicken and sheep before heading to our olive groves where you can learn about olive oil production. Lastly, we’ll head to our wine cellar for an entertaining wine tasting session to try a variety of bouquets, from some of oldest 20-year old wines to our most recent production. Don’t forget to try our local spirit called Tsikoudia or Raki before passing by the wine press and ending the tour at the citrus orchard.

At the end we’ll all sit down to try the different plates that we’ve prepared together, along with good local wine, also sampling some traditional sweets at the end.

If you’re looking for a healthy Mediterranean diet or have an appreciation of fine Cretan food, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy these traditional Cretan cooking lessons, complete with lots of food tasting and foodie strolls through the garden.

Program 2021

Cooking Lessons are available every Tuesday & Thursday!

(Can be operated any other day upon request – min 6 adults)

Pick-up: approximately 4.30 pm from key points near your hotel, Chania and Kissamos region

Place: Metochi Farmhouse

Duration: 5 hours

Size: Small groups, open to all ages

Special requests: let us know if you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or have any special requests. We’ll do our best to make sure there’s enough for you to enjoy as well!

Cooking lessons Price: 60 € per person, transfer & delicious meal included (free for children up to 4 years old, 30 € for children between 5-12 years old)

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A tour of Metochi Farm: over 115 years of our history in Crete

The intriguing history of our farm is what has contributed to its success today. In 1890, one couple who was very much in love eloped from the ‘9 villages’ area of Kissamos to the practically uninhabited area of Metochi near Gramvousa. They had two children, one of whom was our great grandfather, Haralambos. Crete however fell under difficult times at the onset of the 20th century, and like many compatriots, Haralambos was reluctantly shipped off to the ‘New World’ at the age of 16 in search of a better life. He ended up in Kansas City, Missouri and set to work on helping to build trains. One tiring day after work, about a year into his job, he chanced upon a wallet full of money that belonged to a fellow worker. The next day Haralambos handed it to the boss, who then awarded the hard worker’s honesty with a promotion.

Over a period of 14 years, Haralambos saved his pennies and regularly sent hard-earned savings back to his brother Antonis in Crete, with the aim of building his dream farmhouse. The dream came true when he finally returned back to Greece in 1924 upon the insistence of his ageing mother, and went about building the farmhouse on family-owned land.

Settling down with his new wife, the couple gave birth to two daughters – Chrisoula and Eleni (my grandmother). The family grew up in the farm and lived off the sun-kissed land by cultivating wheat, sesame, beans, onions, as well as olive trees and vines with all the products they produce (virgin olive oil, Cretan olives, sweet raisins, juicy grapes, full-bodied wine, etc.).

The farm’s cows provided milk and helped thresh the wheat to make stone-ground flour. Sheep, goats and chickens provided tasty feta cheese, the famed yellow Cretan ‘Graviera’ cheese, country eggs, fresh milk and much more.

With a large farmland that became almost completely self-sustainable, nearby residents began flocking to the farm to trade what goods they had, from fish and grain to other fruits and vegetables. Becoming a kind of marketplace and village meeting point, the Metochi Farm became known for its true Cretan hospitality, giving rise to many spontaneous get-togethers over food, wine and a generous dose of raki (tsikoudia)… the strong local pomace brandy.

Today the farm still operates almost as it did almost a century ago under the expert guidance of my sister Eleni and my mother Chrisoula, and is open to those who want to experience the scents, flavours and hospitality of the real Crete. Come experience the whole legacy of Great Grandfather Haralambos and his farm and all the Cretan delights it has to offer.



Can take place any day 


–    Afternoon start, hotel pick up

–    Cooking lessons 4 hours

–    Dinner 1 hour

–    Return to hotel around 21:30


Departure time : approximately 16:30

Duration (about) 5 hours

Pick up service

Small groups (of all ages)

Please let us know if you have any additional requirements

The courses are held throughout the year and are open to people of all ages


Cost : Adults 60 €, Children (5-12) 30 €, For babies (0-4)  free

(see timetable)
Combine your visit to Kissamos with a journey through the Cretan Diet!

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