My name is Eleni

My name is Eleni

My name is Eleni

My name is Eleni and live in Kissamos of Chania for 40 years now, in other words my whole life. I love my hometown and all it has to offer. The sun, the sea, the quiet way of life and all the products that our land offers us lavishly!

I started my family from a very young age and while being mother of three boys, the urge of cooking right and proper from the beginning was imperative! I was lucky enough to be taught by my mother, an experienced and skilled cook that she learned in her turn from her own mother to cook all the delicious traditional meals of the Cretan cuisine! A few years now, me and my mother welcome people from around the world who love the Cretan nutrition, in our family farmhouse which is dated since 1926. We share with them all the secrets of the Cretan cuisine with great joy, we cook together and afterwards we sit all together around the table to enjoy the result!

Cooking 2016 - Gemista
Cooking 2016 – Gemista

While the food is being cooked, the visitors have the chance to see the olive grove which circles the house and learn information not only about the harvest and the processing of the olive but the production of the blessed olive oil as well which composes the base of our nutrition. They can also see the stomping ground where the wine is made, visit the family cellar, observe the large variety of vegetables we cultivate in our gardens and smell our scented herbs and plants in our botanical garden.

Botanical garden - 2016
Botanical garden – 2016

In our grove there are a lot of citrus trees that enrich our sweet and salty creations even more and among these our chickens, lambs and other domestic animals. People of all ages trust us by spending an afternoon with us, living as ‘’locals’’ during their summer vacation and the feelings this experience floods me in I wouldn’t change for anything in the world!

We welcome you at our “Cretan traditional Cooking Lessons“.


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