Cycling after so many rains

Cycling after so many rains

Cycling excursions after so many rains

The area of ​​Kissamos has dozens of proposals for cycling excursions. We left behind the winter and we are welcoming the spring.

This winter offer us a lot of rains, as a result, green routes for the whole season in conjunction with running water in rivers and streams. So do not miss the chance to enjoy unique excursions with a mountain bike.

Balos travel mountain bikes are ready, and the first days of April are recommended for the best cycling excursions.

We suggest you some routes and you just have to send us your requests.

Nopigia! The trip starts from the centre of Kissamos and lasts about 4-5 hours. We head northeast out of the town, coastally at the Kissamos Bay for about 7 km.

We carry on alongshore to the village of Nopigia for about 3 km. There we can enjoy the panoramic view of the bay and take the dirt road which leads us to the stone theatre, the church and the beach until the end of the road (Spatha peninsula).

The route is enriched with flowers, herbs and trees, «wild» goats as well as birds of prey.

Balos! The trip starts from the centre of Kissamos and lasts 5-6 hours. We head northwest, out of the town, coastally, and we reach the village of Kalyviani. We carry on for about 11 km admiring the bay of Kissamos, until the end of the road. Then we walk until we reach the stony stairs that will take us to the lagoon of Balos after about half an hour. There will be stops during which can rest and admire the lagoon scenery lying at our feet.

The blue-green waters, the wild beauty and the amazing scenery there is nothing to envy from other exotic destinations. The beauty of Balos is combined with its great diversity of rare plants and small animals which are unique in this part of the world.

Ancient Polyrinia! The trip starts from the centre of Kissamos and lasts 6 hours. We head south between Cretan villages in a picturesque natural landscape, to arrive after an uphill path in the historic village Polirinia with panoramic view at 420 meters.

We tour the newest village Polirinia and then in ancient Polirinia which dates from the eleventh century BC. Today it is considered as one of the most important archaeological sites of the area.

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Rent a bicycle, Kissamos Chania, Crete

You can also rent a bike and explore Kissamos alone under our suggestions and information.


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