Sunday trip to Balos

Sunday trip to Balos

Sunday trip to Balos

Yesterday Sunday 19 March we had in Kissamos a sunny spring day, after several rainy days. It was a day that you couldn’t stay indoors but couldn’t work either! So we decided with two friends to visit the lagoon of Balos.

In my opinion the season of spring is the ideal period for someone to visit the countryside and the beaches of Kissamos, Balos, Elafonisi and Falassarna which are much more crowded in summer. This Sunday we chose our favorite, the lagoon of Balos.

Balos 3 Balos 4 Balos 5

We started with the car at around 16:00, which we parked a few kilometers before the beach and continued on foot. On the way we met people gathering wild greens and snails, something that is offered a lot at this time of year, especially after the spring rains. From the village of Kaliviani where it begins, to the lagoon of Balos, the cape of Gramvousa offers exceptional flora and fauna.

After a bit of walking we reached the first stop-square where someone can admire the magnificent landscape of Balos. In all the way, sheep, goats and endemic birds accompanied our trip, carefree from the solitude and quiet of winter.

The path that leads to the beach is in good condition, but it certainly needs a lot of attention at the outer side of the wall. Because of the many recent rainfalls the soil is very soft and there is danger of subsidence of the wall. If someone is planning on visiting Balos this period, we strongly advise him to walk the path from the left side and not from the side where the cliff is. When the rains stop completely, the municipality will undertake all the repairs needed so the road will be ready to welcome the many visitors of the summer season.

After many and beautiful photos and a bit more walk we reached the beach of Balos. We were alone!!! Total serenity and quiet!!! The three of us along with three moored boats in the crystal waters of the lagoon.

Balos three boats
Balos three boats

We walked a bit around the beach enjoying the quiet ant tranquility of this imposing landscape.

The sun was hidden behind a few clouds composing a winter scenery and blocked the appearance of the lagoons teal waters we’re used to. On the other, it gave us a beautiful, different and special sunset!

When the sun set and dusk started to fall, we decided to take the road back after the three of us decided that we have to repeat that trip, definitely with more time in our hands and with our swimsuits for a swim in the crystal waters.

I strongly recommend a trip at this period in this exotic landscape of Kissamos. Our office will be at your disposal for any information if you want to go hiking or rent a bike for your visit.

The cruises will commence after 20 April for those who wish to visit Balos or the island of Gramvousa and have an all-day sea experience.

Happy ventures!


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