Cooking with people all over the world

Cooking with people all over the world

Cooking blog with people all over the world

I don’t travel often but I still know people from all around the world!

People who love my town and select it for their vacation. Many of them return back every year! They love our climate, our culture, our beaches, the sun and also our rich cuisine! They know it is the most representative sample of the Mediterranean diet, but apart from that, they love the different tastes they try.

During the cooking class, I share with our visitors stories and customs of Crete, I explain to them how our pristine olive oil is produced, the wine, raki, and other local products.

At the end of the evening, when they say goodbye I feel that I spent an evening with some good friends!

I feel so wonderful later on when I reading the positive comments they write to us! Especially when someone spends time to write on his webpage about the cooking experience we had together!

Along with Carlota and her husband Thomas, a couple from Spain, we cooked together on June of 2015, in one of our Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons.

Today, two years later, Carlota created a nice and interesting blog with subject the food and the traveling experiences around the world. So she wrote an article which describes the evening we spent together!

I would also like to publicly thank her for visiting us and even more, for deciding to share her experience with the readers of her blog!

Visit Carlota’s blog and read the article here.


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  1. Thank you so much for your mention. It was an unforgettable experience and if I ever return to Crete, I am sure I will make a course with you again!

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