An unexpected marriage proposal on a private cruise !

An unexpected marriage proposal on a private cruise !

An unexpected proposal on a private cruise !

A few days earlier a young man came to our office and asked us to help him in order to make a surprise to his girlfriend. The purpose of the surprise was to make her a special marriage proposal.

So I suggested him a private cruise to the wonderful beach of Falassarna during the sunset.

In complete ignorance to the girl, we organized everything along with the skipper.

"Koursaros" boat !
“Koursaros” boat !

The young man asked her to go for a meal to a tavern located near the small port in Falassarna. ‘’Accidentally’’ the waiter talked to them about a friend of his who is making private cruises with his boat. The young man asked the waiter to show him where exactly the boat was docked and so he went with his girlfriend to see it.

By the time she realized what was going on she was already on board!

There, enjoying the fresh fruits and wine and having the beautiful sunset on the background asked her to marry him!

Falassarna sunset private cruise!
Falassarna sunset private cruise!

And of course she said the so desired YES!!

The next day they came by our office to thank us about the organization.

What a wonderful feeling, to share the happiness of two young people that through a small journey to the sunset are starting together the long and fascinating journey of life.

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